Difference between paddle board and surfboard

Difference between paddle board and surfboard

For those who are passionate about the ocean, as long as they stand on the surfboard or stand-up paddle board, it is the closest place to the beauty of the ocean. But which of these two sports is more entertaining and allows you to get the most experience from the water? Most importantly, which one is best for you? Here are the main similarities and differences between surfing and paddleboarding.

  1. Different forces: SUP paddle boards and surfboards can both surf, but the most obvious difference is that standing paddle boards or SUP use paddles to move, while surfboards use the surfer's body and hands as paddle Paddle, then ride or steer based on the shift of the center of gravity.

  2. Different shapes: The size of stand-up paddle boards and surfboards are very different. The SUP board is much longer, generally more than 10 feet 6 in China, and it is usually heavier and thicker. Surfboards typically range in size from 5 to 9 feet and are lighter. The difference is due to the purpose of the surfboard. When the SUP board is taxiing at sea, it is usually for better stability in the water. Surfboards mean riding with or along waves, requiring greater maneuverability and flexibility.

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  3. Volume is different: Standing paddle boards are usually larger than surfboards. Larger volume usually means thicker (sometimes), longer (almost always) and wider (and almost always). The advantage of having a larger volume is that it can be easier to catch waves.

  4. Riding waves are the same: SUP surfers and surfers can ride the same waves, but because SUP boards are larger than surf boards, less responsive and less mobile, so do dangerous surfing in crowded areas unless you Is a master of surfing and SUP surfing.

  The above is the introduction of the differences between paddle boards and surfboards. I believe everyone has read the above content. You should understand the differences between paddle boards and surfboards

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